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    Welcome to Roudabush Lawn Care, a full-service landscaping and lawn maintenance business based in Williamsburg, Iowa. From simple mowing and weed control to organic soil fertilization and core aeration, our experts do whatever it takes to keep your lawn healthy, green, and lush!

    With over 15 years of experience in horticulture and landscaping, we have a strong track record of delivering quality service at reasonable rates. Our team of highly skilled professionals can be relied upon to provide precisely what your lawn needs.


    We reached out to Kyle one morning and asked him to add some black fill dirt to a couple of low spots in our front yard. He had the work done early that same afternoon and even seeded it down to catch the rain later that day. Great service and easy to deal with.

    Tip Rec

    Dependable and good prices. Fertilized our yard, and it looks amazing!


    Best looking lawn on the block always on schedule.

    Jamie Sargent

    Kyle has been doing our lawn in Brooklyn for two years, and we have been very satisfied with his service. I highly recommend him.

    Teresa Griegoliet

    Does a great job, and when you have concerns, they respond quickly to email, text, or phone messages. Great team to work with.

    Steve Edwards

    Roudabush does a great job! Good quality work, great price, and dependable.

    Deb Sieben

    The Best Lawn Care Services Iowa City Has to Offer and How to Get Them

    At Roudabush Lawn Care, we provide the best lawn care services Iowa City has to offer, including lawn aeration for unique care demands. But why exactly do you even need professional lawn care? Is this treatment excessive or even unnecessary?

    Not at all! However, we know that some people may be on the face about this treatment method or uncertain whether it is necessary for their needs. Thankfully, we can provide a little help for those who aren’t sure if they’re ready to get treatment with our professionals.

    Follow Neighborhood Codes

    Does your neighborhood have strict zoning rules and guidelines that you must follow? Are there grass height limitations that they want you to meet? Could they issue a fine if you don’t? Frustrating, sure, but it’s a common consideration in many cities. That’s why it’s essential to talk to the best lawn care services and get the help you need.

    Our team can schedule regular lawn care to ensure that your grass never gets too high. Do you need weekly cuttings to ensure it stays appropriately managed? We will gladly set up that schedule for you. Or does your Iowa neighborhood let your grass grow a bit higher? We can also schedule monthly cuttings. Just ask us what you need, and our team will be there to provide what care methods you need.

    We also provide the best hands-on care that your lawns need. Our team’s aeration will help air, water, and nutrients flow smoothly through your soil. This approach results in healthier grass, tree, and shrub roots. That benefit is enormous if your lawn is struggling.

    Improve Grass Appearance

    Is your grass a bit worse for wear, and you aren’t sure what kind of services may help? Our team can provide the finest lawn care services Iowa City provides, able to work your grass back into better health. At Roudabush, we are dedicated to making your lawn more attractive and will work hard to reach this goal for your needs as a person.

    Our team will start by providing care like mulch, fertilizer, and grass cuttings to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. Then, we’ll go over your whole yard, identify any problem areas, and create a synthesized care method that works for you. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied and do whatever we can to make your lawn the kind of place you and your family love hanging out.

    Thankfully, our team can provide all of these services and more and will do what they can to help your yard reach a healthier state. By working with our team of high-grade professionals, you can take care of your grass, make it more attractive, and even improve your home’s value. However, there are a few more steps you may have to take before you finish up with your lawn care with us.

    Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

    Have you taken the time to pay attention to the trees and shrubs in your yard? Sadly, few people understand how the best lawn care services actually help their trees. Keeping your trees and shrubs in better health provides a staggering array of different benefits, each better than the next. So, just how exactly does working with Roudabush Lawn Care on tree health help you?

    First, our team can inspect your trees and shrubs and look for potential health problems. These may include various infectious diseases that worked their way into your trees and shrubs and adversely affected their health. Just as importantly, we can provide lawn aeration services near me to identify various problems with your lawn and create in-depth treatments that make sense for you.

    These services also provide various other benefits that help your trees and shrubs look better. For example, we can trim your shrubs and tree branches, ensuring that they don’t get out of control. We can also check your trees for pests like termites to ensure that they remain strong. You can have the beautiful trees and shrugs you want and enjoy a great yard for your outdoor and indoor seating needs.

    Update Your Landscaping

    Lastly, letting Roudabush Lawn Care handle your landscaping can improve your lawn’s overall appearance. The best landscaping services in Iowa include in-depth landscaping help that transforms your yard. These care options go well beyond simple lawn aeration services, including a broad array of treatments your lawn may require.

    Our team can transform your landscaping so that your lawn will barely look the same: in a good way, of course! Updating your landscaping helps transform your yard by taking care of outdated design techniques that you may not enjoy using anymore. It also helps by providing hands-on treatment for various long-term complications, such as problematic grass growth around dark areas.

    By taking better care of your landscape, you obtain many significant benefits. First of all, you help to ensure that your lawn is strong and prevent pooling water and other concerns. Beyond that, you also strengthen the yard around your home and minimize foundation damage. Finally, you also improve your home value and make it something that stands out in what can be a relatively dense real estate market in Iowa.

    Taking Better Care of Your Yard

    At Roudabush Lawn Care, our team can handle the unique lawn treatments that your home needs to stay strong and healthy. We provide the best lawn care services Iowa City has to offer, including lawn aeration and more, ready to help your lawn’s growth and solve any problems.

    Understanding these different techniques is critical because of Iowa’s unique demand on your grass. Our team can provide the hands-on care you need to handle excessive snow, damaged grass, and other concerns that may linger on your Iowa yard this year.

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