Our clay soils in Iowa often become compacted from equipment traffic, foot traffic, and pets. Also, often times the correct nutrients are not applied to these lawns.

Our solution to these problems is AERA-VATION. Our aera-vator is a machine that works by using oscillating and vibrating steel tines. These steel tines fracture and loosen the soil at a depth of 3-5”. We tend to provide this service when the soil is on the drier side vs moist/wet. This is a more aggressive approach compared to standard core aeration(which we are also advocates for!) This then allows for optimal water infiltration to the roots, drainage, and nutrient uptake.

This service is highly recommended on new construction lawns where we will then come in and overseed and apply our Turf Revival product that supplies organic matter to the soil along with other soil building goodies.

Lawn built on poor soil that is full of clay, sand, or rocks? This is your solution!

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