Fertilization Season-to-Season

Here’s how the fertilization process works in five simple steps.

Round #1, Early Spring

In early spring, we apply pre-emergent crabgrass control and slow-release fertilizers.

Round #2, Late Spring

In late spring, we move onto granular fertilizers with grub and insect control, in addition to broadleaf weed control.

Round #3, Summer

In the summer, it’s time for a regimen of micronutrients, along with humic and fulvic acid.

Round #4, Fall

Once Fall rolls around, we apply a balanced 1:1 nitrogen-to-potassium fertilizer with organics, micronutrients, and humic and fulvic acid, plus broadleaf weed control.

Round #5, Late Fall

And finally, in late Fall, we choose organic fertilizers that include a quick release for instant green-up and slow-release, allowing the plant to store nutrients for the winter.

Weed Control

Before resorting to herbicides, Roudabush Lawn Care focuses on keeping the turfgrass healthy and thick. Fertilization and irrigation as cultural methods of preventing weed growth provide better results than seeking to eliminate them exclusively.

When weeds do become a problem, of course, our trained professionals also have the necessary know-how to apply herbicides without compromising the health and safety of your lawn.

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