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    Welcome to Roudabush Lawn Care, a full-service landscaping and lawn maintenance business based in Williamsburg, Iowa. From simple mowing and weed control to organic soil fertilization and core aeration, our experts do whatever it takes to keep your lawn healthy, green, and lush!

    With over 15 years of experience in horticulture and landscaping, we have a strong track record of delivering quality service at reasonable rates. Our team of highly skilled professionals can be relied upon to provide precisely what your lawn needs.


    We reached out to Kyle one morning and asked him to add some black fill dirt to a couple of low spots in our front yard. He had the work done early that same afternoon and even seeded it down to catch the rain later that day. Great service and easy to deal with.

    Tip Rec

    Dependable and good prices. Fertilized our yard, and it looks amazing!


    Best looking lawn on the block always on schedule.

    Jamie Sargent

    Kyle has been doing our lawn in Brooklyn for two years, and we have been very satisfied with his service. I highly recommend him.

    Teresa Griegoliet

    Does a great job, and when you have concerns, they respond quickly to email, text, or phone messages. Great team to work with.

    Steve Edwards

    Roudabush does a great job! Good quality work, great price, and dependable.

    Deb Sieben

    The Best Lawncare Service in Eastern Iowa and Why You Need It

    Have you considered getting the best lawncare service in Eastern Iowa lately? If so, you might be frustrated with a number of landscaping services professionals. Your yard is likely in pretty rough shape by now, and you’re looking for a dependable team to handle the needed upgrades.

    So why not go right for the best and contact Roundabush Lawn Care directly? Our skilled teams understand what you need and routinely go out of their way to help a client. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to work with us on improving your lawn’s overall appearance.

    Improved Overall Yard Appearance

    It should probably go without saying, but we do think it is worth emphasizing anyway. Working with the very best lawncare services Eastern Iowa has will immediately improve your yard. And only the best landscaping services Iowa has to offer can provide you with the improvements you need.

    Our team will come to your yard and inspect it before we do a single treatment. We’ll decide what kind of treatments it needs and create a care package for you. Don’t worry: we won’t do anything until you give us okay. After that, we’ll do what needs to be done to help.

    For example, we can mow your grass, upgrade its landscaping, remove damaged or dead grass, mulch and fertilize the grass, trim your trees and shrubs, even install new plants. This process can transform your yard overnight, turning it into a much more appealing space.

    What is particularly lovely about a beautiful yard is that it pays dividends. First of all, more people are likely to visit you if you have a beautiful outdoor seating area. You may also find yourself even happier to come home every day and more proud of your accomplishments.

    Greater Sense of Pride

    When you work with Roundabush Lawn Care and get the best lawncare service in Eastern Iowa, you’re also doing something for yourself that is worth commenting on: improving your home pride. Let’s be honest: all homemakers base much of their pride and confidence on their home’s appearance.

    It’s natural because it’s likely your most significant investment and is, as the saying goes, your castle. However, a poor lawn that hasn’t gotten the best landscaping services Iowa has to offer may suffer and may end up needing a little help to ensure that it stays as strong as possible against long-term damage.

    When you have more pride in your home’s exterior, you may move inwards to give your home the attention it deserves. This process may include steps like upgrading your home’s interior or even enhancing the roof and siding to make it stronger and more consistent for years to come.

    There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be proud of your home. After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and money making it as beautiful as possible. By working with us, you can give yourself the insight that you need and provide the long-term support that your yard requires.

    Happier Neighbors

    Do your neighbors complain about your yard and tell you that you need the best lawncare service in Eastern Iowa? If so, they’ve probably dropped our name a few times. Our team will do whatever is necessary to make you and your neighbors happy.

    But first: is it worth spending money to make your neighbors happy? Only if you’re also making yourself feel better as well. For example, an improved overall lawn may make you feel better about yourself and ensure that you get the overall experience you want from your yard.

    For example, cleaning your yard may include trimming trees along your borders and managing their debris. This step is critical because it can prevent damage to your neighbor’s facility and property. (The potential benefit of that is significant, preventing costly legal issues.)

    You can also get rid of high grass that may cause termites and other pests to settle in your yard. Getting rid of this tall grass also benefits you by keeping ticks away from your home. You may even get mosquito care from some lawncare professionals to improve your neighbor’s relationship with you.

    Enhanced Home Value

    Are you ready to use the best lawncare service in Eastern Iowa? If so, you need to prepare for much-improved home property values. Yes, what your friends have told you is accurate: getting the best landscaping services Iowa has to offer can improve your home’s value in so many ways.

    Why is that the case? It’s a question worth asking and is a challenge for some people to understand. That said, it is surprisingly easy to fully understand why you need to work with our team ASAP. Doing so can give you an almost immediately improved value to your house.

    For example, a more attractive yard will increase your house’s curb appeal immediately. It can also boost things like a home’s resale value and make it more interesting for potential buyers. In this way, you produce the long-lasting appeal that your house needs for people interested in your home.

    As you can see, enhancing your home value is easy when you get lawn care with us. We haven’t even talked about how better lawns protect your home’s foundation and minimize long-term damage, but you deserve this kind of treatment for your yard and home.

    Help is Available From Us

    If you call us at Roudabush Lawn Care, you can get the best lawncare service in Eastern Iowa at a reasonable price. The best landscaping services Iowa has to offer include things like improving your lawn’s sloping to protect your foundation and extra snow protection when flakes fall again.

    Start by calling us to learn more about the unique care options we provide people like you. Then, reach out to us to set up an inspection appointment. We will come to your yard regardless of the season, meaning we can be there in the winter to better plan your overall yard needs.

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